We are TEJAY’S.
We see the world through the eyes of a child.

TEJAY’S is a provider of contemporary, loving childcare. We offer international and bilingual education (DE/EN), which is suited to each individual, as well as a generous amount of space where children and adults alike feel comfortable. Right from the start we focus on movement and creativity. At TEJAY’S we have an exercise area, a creative workshop and a music school, in which we promote the physical, social and linguistic development of your child. Visit us at our exclusive locations.

TEJAY’s is a home for your child.


High quality education in small groups

Preschool with School Teacher

Preparation for school: cognitive, emotional and social

Early Childhood Support

Sports and arts programs, music school, preschool etc.

Taylormade Daycare

Bookings from
9 hours on

Cozy Sleeping Rooms

supervised sleeping in your child’s own bed


Mo-Fr 07:30am to 18:30pm and open during the holidays

Bilingual Daily Routine

We speak German and English with children & parents

We Understand Parents

We adjust to individual requests


Happy children

educational hours