We are TEJAY’S.
We see the world through the eyes of a child.

TEJAY’S is an up-to-date, loving childcare. We offer spacious rooms with a comfortable Ambience for children and parents, internationality and bilingual education (D/E), as well as individual education suitable for children. Right from the start we focus on movement and creativity. On our TEJAY'S Campus with exercise area, a creative workshop and a music school, we promote the physical, social and linguistic development of your child in order to support the rapid development in the early childhood. Visit us at our exclusive Locations.

TEJAY’s is a home for your child.


Educationally high-quality in small groups

Preschool with school teacher

Preparing for school:
cognitive, emotional and social

Early childhood support

Sports and arts programs, music school, preschool etc.

Taylormade Daycare

Bookings from
9 hours on

Cozy sleeping rooms

assisted sleeping in your child’s own bed


Mo-Fr 07:30am to 18:30pm and open during holiday

Bilingual daily routine

We speak German and English with children & parents

Einfühlsame Elternversteher

We adjust to individual requests


Happy children

educational hours