TEJAY’S Concept

At TEJAY’S we put emphasis on loving and patient childcare. Children should be allowed to spread their wings – discovering themselves and training their social skills. This is why we take a holistic approach to early childhood stimulation and education from the start. Here, playing and learning are interconnected. TEJAY’S concentrates on nurturing the dynamic spiritual and physical development of small children in order to prepare them for later life. TEJAY’S holistic early learning is built upon the foundation of loving child rearing. It is supported by three main parts of equal importance: The stimulation of cognitive development (education), social competence (personality development), and the discovery of one’s own talents (creativity and motor skills).

Our children have the right to the best possible education from the start. They also have the right to simply be children and enjoy their childhood.

Children learn primarily by observing, experimenting, mimicking and playing. This requires the use of all the senses. This learning principle can be illustrated by means of an example: A child cannot cut a piece of paper in a straight line. Normally, we would continue to practice cutting with the child over and over again, but by doing so we put importance on the child’s weakness and ruin his motivation. It is better to strengthen their senses: the child sees the line, can the child sense it? Can the child walk on a straight line? Grasp space? Through the experience with broad motor skills, children can then accomplish fine motor skills and suddenly your child will start cutting in a straight line and has a feeling of success and feels proud. The child’s self-confidence is strengthened and this is exactly what we want to encourage.

We believe the most important component in personality formation are social and emotional skills that characterize and distinguish us on how we deal with other people, our world and the common rules of social living. Independence, self-responsibility and sense of community are the foundation for emotional competence. – fundamental for children nowadays.

We can effectively support and encourage children when they are part of a group to stimulate social and emotional skills. Children play together, fight, share, help each other, and negotiate compromises. They must learn to cooperate with others, but also to be assertive. Our Emotions are equally diverse and visit us on a daily basis: fun and happiness, curiosity and impatience, fear and sadness, jealousy and anger. These new experiences are followed by many new challenges and learning processes. This is why they need our support.

What is important is that we try to grasp the problems and understand how children think to be able to support their development individually, without breaking or bending these small individuals out of shape.

Sport, music, logical thinking! Talents are like muscles, they only develop when you build them up.

Our facilities have play and gym rooms that invite our children to climb, jump and practice their balance, so that they obtain a sense of space and height and playfully train their body tension and coordination. The little ones develop a self-confidence in their capabilities as well as a healthy assessment of what their boundaries are.

In our creative workshops we work with different materials, colours and techniques – from using our hands and feet to experimenting with different coloured paint to screen printing and printing with glass. We make different shapes and models with plaster and clay, and craft with seasonal natural materials. We encourage creativity whilst training fine motor skills and honing our senses by playing with colours and textures. The children get a feel for space and perspective and practice patience whilst completing larger projects.

Music also plays a vital part in our day-to-day life here at TEJAY’S. By singing and making music together, children come into their own as part of the group. They get the chance to take control, but also to learn to take a step back when appropriate. Apart from all that, music brings immense joy.