Values at TEJAY’S

In partnership with you, we want to care for and steer your children in the right direction; setting rules whilst allowing sufficient free room, respecting them and expecting respect in return. Children learn from role models, and we believe that a particular emphasis on things such as friendliness, honesty, respect, organisation and proper manners are fundamental to a child’s education.
Early Childhood Education therefore brings the opportunity to develop and unfold a child’s inner wings and sense of self-discovery. From the very beginning we put a big emphasis on movement, sports and creativity. We delight in accompanying children as they develop into self confident individuals; preparing them not only for school, but also later life.

What we stand for

  • We are Educational Partners on an Equal Eye Level

    Our team of educators, psychologist and speech therapists support you and your children and steer you in the right direction.

  • Small Learning and Playing Groups

    With an above average number of caregivers per child, we place value on contact time with the children, recognizing it as the foundation for individual growth.

  • Holistic Learning

    We stand for holistic and integrated learning by experience. Observing, experimenting, mimicking, and playing are the basic requirements for systematic and self-learning in the future.

  • Early Childhood Education

    Early childhood education is for us the opportunity to develop and the unfold your child’s inner wings and appetite for self-discovery. From the very beginning we put a big emphasis on movement, sport and creativity.

  • Loving Daycare

    Our caregivers are there for the children only. Daily loving care and a feeling of togetherness with each child’s educational partner is a prerequisite so that the little ones feel comfortable outside their home.

  • Support

    We support you every step of the way, not only regarding schooling, but also in preparing your child for life. Therefore, it is our goal that our children learn to integrate and blossom in our society with healthy self esteem.