TEJAY'S Preschool

TEJAY‘S has developed it’s own Preschool concept, which is led by a preschool teacher. We prepare children for life in primary school and are happy to advise parents on helping their children learn.


Each child should be given the opportunity to experiment with activities for older children, but still be supported in accordance with their age. In our Daycare we offer daily educational units; interconnected to learning and playing.

Language Training

With the help of our speech specialists we guide our children to speak confidently and form whole sentences in preparation for school.

English Program

To grow up naturally with a second language. Alongside bilingual daily life, we offer English courses like English singing, Bingo, English Preschool, Book of the Week, Ballet Butterflies & more

Sport Program

Exercise and movement are such important parts of a child’s development. Coordination, the training of ones Body awareness, learning rules and how work as a team. We offer training parcours, dancing, football, ballet & more

Music School

Every child loves music. This is the reason why we sing every day, accompanied by piano, guitar or violin. Additionally, the children receive early music education from the age of three, which is of absolute importance for individual development.

Art Pedagogy

Children are creative, which we want to encourage. Letting imagination run free and at the same time train fine motor skills. – sticking, cutting, molding with paper, wood, clay, pens, brushes, sponges. We love to try things out appropriately to the age of the child.


Children are always full of questions: “How do birds fly?” “Why is the sea salty?” “Where do elephants come from?”Our science program gets them asking even more questions and gives them the means to search for answers. Water and Ice, light, colour and sound, the body and our senses, outer space and rockets, batteries and the light bulb, and so much more.