Absolute Best Location in City Centre

  • Beautiful location in close proximity to Königsplatz.
  • Bright, spacious rooms, lovingly designed and child-friendly.
  • Around 800m2 area on the ground floor with space for around 60 children.
  • Protected and enclosed garden in the back as well as a sunny courtyard and terrace.
  • Space to park Prams, Buggies and Strollers in the basement (lift available).
  • Stopping restriction for cars directly in front of building.

Large, Spacious Rooms with Beautiful Playground

  • TEJAY’S at Königsplatz provides three nursery groups and one kindergarten.
  • In addition to our four group rooms, we have a gymnasium, an art studio, a music area and a preschool room.
  • Children get their own bed in our comfortable bedrooms.
  • Our rooms are kept tidy and well organised.
  • Cloakroom and parents area, helping to make the morning rush a little easier.
  • Cleanliness and order in day-to-day life with the children is of great importance to us. As a family business, we implement these things wholeheartedly.


Richard-Wagner-Straße 3
80333 Munich
089 / 740 041 66